When done right, content marketing doesn’t just tell a brand’s story, it makes people feel something they want to feel. Achieving such a feat takes insightful strategy, a clear voice, and the fortitude to consistently crank out posts. It’s well worth the effort, but who has time to research and write when you have a business to run? That’s exactly why some of the world’s biggest brands have tapped me to create blogs, newsletters, ebooks, and social media posts that speak directly and consistently to their audiences.

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When adidas launched it’s ALL DAY wellness app, they looked to industry experts to create content for the associated blog. I served as a featured writer, creating health and fitness articles that lived both on the blog and within the app itself.


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Calmful Living is a robust online magazine I ran for Natural Vitality, the makers of Natural CALM magnesium. For several years I managed the creation of 4-6 new articles and recipes each week. I also wrote ebooks, seasonal promotions, and social media posts. The success of Natural Vitality’s content efforts were a large contributor to it’s inclusion in a $700 million dollar acquisition by Clorox.

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While Pilates Style magazine does a great job of covering Pilates success stories, teaching advice, and general wellness, the company needed a way to provide subscribers with timely calendar listings, bonus content, and unique offers. I was asked to create a bi-monthly newsletter that kept the Pilates community connected and “in the know.”