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Nothing but azul skies


Once Claire Archibald was introduced to Mexican food, there was no turning back. And Oregonians wouldn't want it any other way.

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Inside-out bodywork

Yoga Journal

Tap into your body's wisdom to release unhealthy patterns of movement.

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healing asthma

body + soul

A holistic approach not only soothes your symptoms—it can repair your lungs.

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an australian cafe filled with handcrafted details comes to portland, oregon


Melbourne's famous Proud Mary has come stateside, and the space is as thoughtful as its coffee.


breaking barriers

Yoga Journal

A new yoga-based treatment helps autistic children relate better to themselves and the world.

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The truth about fibroids


A guide to the latest treatments.

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Flu Fighters

body + soul

Match your cold or flu symptoms with the right homeopathic remedies for safe, effective relief.


sexy arms in 7 minutes


You don't need time or even dumbbells to develop strong, sexy arms.


do you know what to eat for all-day energy?

Natural Health

A few key ingredients are all that separate a meal that fires you up from one that leaves you dragging.

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cheese whiz

Experience Life

Is Muenster a beast? Is Gouda any good? The right cheese choices make a difference in your diet.

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wild medicine

body + soul

Of all the earth's natural substances, mushrooms are among the most medicinal.

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chemo support

Let's Live

How nutrition can accelerate healing.

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Is your marriage making you fat?

Natural Health

Most people put on pounds after they say "I do." Here's how to shed the weight.

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Well + Good

There is absolutely nothing more advanced about practicing yoga without a mat, but there are a lot of reasons why you might want to give yours up.

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eat right to ease pms

Yoga Journal

Though you may be craving chocolate, reach for veggies instead to ease PMS.